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About Lincoln Centennial Public School

Lincoln Centennial Public School is the "Home of the Lions" and is located at 348 Scott Street in St. Catharines, Ontario in the North-Central area of the city. The school is currently home to approximately 350 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Included in our building is the Family & Children's Services Bunting Childcare.

Our educational team prioritizes a sense of belonging to ensure our students achieve success and enjoy a safe and nurturing learning environment. Our staff volunteer their time to organize and/or supervise extra-curricular activities for Lincoln students. Through sport teams, clubs, field trips and community events we provide learning opportunities for our students beyond the school.

Lincoln Centennial Public School is part of the District School Board of Niagara. Our Board goals focus on Literacy, Mathematics and Equity and Inclusion. Our motto is, “We Are Unity” and we value student, family and community voice. We strive to work together to ensure every student feels safe, valued and successful at Lincoln.