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Important Dates

Please check the tab CALENDAR (above) for upcoming events at Lincoln each month!

Students return to school Jan. 17th

Please remember to do your child's Online Screening daily!

Roaring with Pride in 2021/22

Hello Lincoln families,

This year we are embracing the DSBN motto of "Kind-Calm-Safe-Learning" along with our school motto "WE ARE UNITY!". We will be emphasizing school community and spirit while being focused on doing our best to ensure the safety and well being of our students.

We look forward to partnering with you and your child for a year of great learning and growth!
Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Parkhouse


Lincoln Centennial is the site for the EarlyON drop-in program offered to parents, grandparents and caregivers of children 0 to 4.

At this time the EarlyON remains closed.


Please check out the link: https://www.dsbn.org/earlylearners/earlyon-child-family-centres




It takes just 5 minutes to register for Cash online. Once you have done so, you can pay for field trips, pizza, sub and milk orders online. To get started, click the "Cash online" icon on this webpage. We encourage you to give it a try- you will love this convenient way to pay!

If you need any assistance, please contact the office, we would be happy to help you.


Equity and Inclusion

At Lincoln we strive to ensure an environment that is safe, equitable and inclusive for all.

Our school Social Worker and Youth Counsellor work closely with staff and students and offer programs to support an inclusive learning environment.

Other Community Liaisons include:

  • John Howard Society
  • NRP- School Resource Officer
  • Native Centre of St. Catharines

We also offer a Safe Space for LGBTQ students and allies.


Ancestral Land Acknowledgement use by Lincoln Centennial and the DSBN:

A Land acknowledgement is a customary practice of Indigenous
Peoples. It is a sign of respect and reciprocity when entering,
gathering and utilizing another’s space and place. Indigenous
Peoples continue this practice amongst their Nations. Today the
practice is beginning to be understood and utilized to renew,
respect, reconcile and reciprocate Indigenous and
non-Indigenous relations. The practice also serves as a reminder
of pre and post-European contact histories, treaty relations and
obligations, as well as providing information for newcomers, now
entering Indigenous territories. Today acknowledgements are
used for opening announcements in schools, events, gatherings
and meetings; that specifically recognize the Nations who hold
treaty, right and title in the territory.

We use the Land Acknowledgement at our school gatherings and use it to begin each day on the announcements.